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There are four families of fish featured in this category, all with similar traits which means they can be misidentified into the other families.

Gobies belong to the large family of Gobiidae and are found in both saltwater and brackish. They are one of the largest families of fish, with more than 2,000 species in more than 200 genera. Most are relatively small, typically less than 10cm (3.9") in length. The most distinctive aspect of Goby morphology are the fused pelvic fins that form a disc-shaped sucker.

Jawfish look very similar to Gobies and Blennies but belong to the family Opistognathidae. Their heads, mouths, and eyes are large in size relative to the rest of their bodies. Jawfish possess a single, long dorsal fin with 9-12 spines and a caudal fin that can be either rounded or pointed. Jawfish typically reside in burrows that they construct in sandy substrate.

Dartfish share similarities with Gobies, but belong to the family Ptereleotridae. The Dartfish were formerly classified as the subfamily Ptereleotrinae of the Wormfish.

Blennies also share similar characteristics to Gobies and mostly belong to the family Blenniidae. They are the largest family of Blennies, with approximately 371 species in 53 genera represented. Combtooth Blennies are found in tropical and subtropical waters in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans; some species are also found in brackish and even freshwater environments. As their name would suggest, Combtooth Blennies are noted for their comb-like teeth lining their jaws. Other "Blenny" families include the smaller family of Chaenopsidae.

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