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Community Tank

One of the most popular ways people start with fishkeeping, is by having a freshwater tropical community tank. Picking the right community fish, however, can be a minefield!

The list below are of common, and less common, shoaling community-friendly fish. Always note that these community fish must be kept in groups of six or more of their own kind in order to remain peaceful. Keep them alone or in pairs or trios and they're likely to fin nip or be skittish and anxious. It's also important to research each species, some are very active such as Danios, and very active shoaling fish can bother slower swimming solitary fish, such as Angelfish.

There are certain species also listed here that are known to be a bit more feisty, particular Tiger Barbs and Serpae Tetras, if not kept in groups 8-10 or more, these guys WILL take their frustrations out on tank mates. Don't be taken in by a fish's looks alone, and always be cautious if you plan to team any shoaling fish with something slower and longer finned.

Also pay close attention to their water chemistry needs, some are adaptable to range of water chemistry, many prefer water quite soft and acidic and a few prefer harder and alkaline. Some species also prefer their water very warm, others prefer their water sub-tropical and cool.

Don't forget to bear in mind that big fish will eat small fish, so don't put micro shoaling fish with large Cichlids!

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