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Who am I, but just your friendly neighbourhood loyal Wiki user? I’m proud to say that I’ve been here since 2012 (more than half a decade now, and it still feels like yesterday…). I still remember my first article that I contributed here, which is Harpagochromis sp. “Orange Rock Hunter”. I’ve kept my page on here blank for a while now, but decided to not keep myself a stranger on here.
I don’t bite ('least not much to the point that it interferes with my helpfulness with users seeking help... :p), and am willing to help anybody who needs it, be it new or veteran. If you ever need something, don’t be afraid to ask, I’ll do my best to help, however possible.
I’m an eager enthusiast who likes all fish, but has a special place in his heart for the strange, heart-arrestingly stunning, and the downright obscure ones. Just classic me loving to go off the beaten path :p
Thanks for dropping by!! I hope you have a good time on this wiki :3

-- Xi Yao