Flavescent Peacock (Aulonocara stuartgranti)

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Flavescent Peacock

Aulonocara stuartgranti chitimba maulana.jpg
Chitimba Bay (Maulana)

Aulonocara stuartgranti

284 Litres (75 US G.)

10.2-12.7cm (4-5 ")




7.8 - 8.2

25 -28 °C (77-82.4°F)

8-15 °d

1:2 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods

5-8 years



Additional names

Grant's Peacock Cichlid, Flavescent Peacock, Yellow Tanzania, Flametail Peacock


Endemic to Lake Malawi, in suitable habitat along the central eastern and north-central western coastline and in the Cape MacClear area.[1]


Males are substantially more colourful than the dull-coloured females.

Tank compatibility[edit]

This fish should not be kept with Mbuna Cichlids, but with more peaceful fish such as Copadichromis azureus and other Copadichromis species. Should not be kept with other Aulonocara as they will hybridise.


Best fed with live/frozen foods such as chopped shrimp and brine shrimp, will also accept dry foods.

Feeding regime[edit]

Feed once or twice a day, be careful as these fish are susceptible to Malawi Bloat.

Environment specifics[edit]

Prefers a rock set up with no plants with a sand substrate and well oxygenated. This fish is sensitive to nitrates so careful monitoring of water parameters is needed with frequent partial water changes.


A relatively peaceful Cichlid which should be kept with robust yet peaceful tank mates. Males may be territorial towards one another.


This Cichlid is typical Aulonocara in shape with pointed anal, ventral and dorsal fins. It is generally yellow in colour with blue around the head, along the spine and through the fins. The anal fin is dusky yellow with blue spots and bands. The top of the dorsal fin is edged in white. The colours will vary depending on where the fish has been originally collected in the wild and is often mistakenly labelled as Aulonocara nyassae.



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