Toads, Frogs and Salamanders

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So, you are thinking about keeping a toad, frog or salamander? Here are some general things to keep in mind when getting one, of course you should always do your research on the specific breed you want, as needs differ from breed to breed.


These species are best kept in a tank with a damp land area and hiding places containing wet moss. A large water dish that is accessible by the animal must be available. An alternative employed by some keepers is to place the tank on a slant so that the water in the tank collects at one end and the other remains as a land area.

It is inadvisable to use water straight from the tap because of the fluoride it contains. The water should be left standing for 24 hours before use so that the fluoride disperses.

It is important to change their water frequently. This is because all amphibians urinate in water and the urine is toxic. As amphibians absorb water through their skins, they can accumulate a damagingly high amount that may kill them.

The frequency of water changing is dependant on the size of the tank and the number of animals. As a safeguard, change the water every day.

Most amphibians have the ability to climb glass surfaces so ensure your tank has a secure and ventilated lid.


All these amphibians eat insects (of the correct size). The salamanders are not as fast moving as the toads and they will capture their food more easily if it is cooled down a little.

On Receipt Of Your Amphibian[edit]

Amphibians often eject water as a defence when handled. If your animal does this ensure it is given access to water as soon as possible as it will need to rehydrate. As noted earlier, amphibians have a degree of toxicity so, as for all animals, always wash your hands after any handling.