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Company Name[edit | edit source]

(The) Aquatic Design Centre

Also known as "ADC".

About us[edit | edit source]

At Aquatic Design we've been designing, building and maintaining aquaria for over 25 years.

We work to the exacting standards demanded of architects, designers, film and TV industries, delivering on time and within budget.

With over 1,500 aquarium installations under our supervision and an exclusive client list, we are the world's leading experts in aquatic design. You will see our work in landmark buildings, stores, restaurants, offices museums, exhibitions, TV and movie sets and stylish homes and gardens

If you have a project which requires an aquatic installation interior or exterior please call us for free advice on how it might be taken forward.

Products[edit | edit source]

Come and browse over 300 tanks of Marine and Tropical fish..

  • marine displays
  • tropical freshwater fish,
  • marine invertebrates
  • coldwater fish
  • plants
  • aquaria in every shape and size
  • accessories

See offers for our special range of Rena Aquariums

We stock everything from basic fish foods to state-of-the-art marine filtration systems including Aqua Medic, Tunze, Deltec

Address & Contact Details[edit | edit source]

Aquatic Design Centre 109 Great Portland St London W1W 6QG

For design, installations, maintenance, film, tv, photoshoots, events phone - (020) 7636 6388

For all shop enquiries please telephone (020) 7580 6764

<googlemap lat="51.519499" lon="-0.142407" zoom="15"> 51.519383, -0.142407, 109 Great Portland St

Paddington, Greater London </googlemap>

Shop Opening Hours[edit | edit source]

  • Mon-Thur 10 - 8
  • Fri 10 - 7
  • Sat 10 - 6
  • Sun 11 - 5

Website[edit | edit source]