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Company Name[edit | edit source]

The Aquatic Centre also known as Ace Aqua

Also known as "The Aquatic Centre - AQUACADABRA 2"

About Us[edit | edit source]

Located in Edinburgh, The Aquatic Centre is the largest store of our type in Scotland. We offer discount prices on Tropical, Marine & Coldwater Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, Spiders, Insects, Tortoise, Tropical, Marine & Coldwater Goods & Accessories, Marine Soft Corals, Marine Hard Corals, Marine Invertebrates, Vivariums, Terrariums, Bugs, Aquarium Plants & CO2 Systems.

We stock famous brands such as Hagen, Exo Terra, Ehiem, AquaMedic, Perfecto, Rena API and Resun at great prices. We are famous for giving our customers quality and value with sensible advice.

Aceaquaedinburgh is the online presence of the Aquatic Centre Edinburgh. As a retail shop we have been established in our present form for over 18 years. We are not a company that has been set up purely to operate on the internet. Our customers can make the choice to shop with us from the comfort of their own home either by using this web site, our ebay shop or visit our retail premises in Edinburgh.

Products[edit | edit source]

They sell a wide range of dry goods and due to their stocking of reptiles and insects, they also sell a good range of live food.

If you want a particular item of equipment, a specific marine fish or invert, tropical fish, reptile, amphibian or spider. CONTACT US BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. We do try to keep all our list up to date but running a shop, ebay and internet business means that we can be out of stock of specific items before they are shown as such in our web and ebay shops. If you contact us before you travel we can also tell you if the item can be reserved for you.

They sell on eBay as ACEAQUA

Contact Details[edit | edit source]

15 Comely Green Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5SY, UK

Tel: 0131 468 2585


Location[edit | edit source]

<googlemap lat="55.956084" lon="-3.166122" type="map" zoom="16"> 55.956732, -3.165693, The Aquatic Centre </googlemap>

Opening Hours[edit | edit source]

Shop Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday  : 10am - 6pm
Thursday : 10am - 7pm
Sunday : 10am - 5pm

Web site

Customer Notes[edit | edit source]

An excellent shop. I've bought a lot of equipment from them over the last few years and I've always had first class service. Staff and very knowledgeable and willing to help the customer out. Animal stock always seems in top condition. --Quatermass 20:07, 19 October 2008 (UTC)