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Common Name
No Image.png
Image Caption
Species Species
Difficulty Easy/moderate/hard/very hard
Required Lighting Low/Medium/High/1.0-7.0 wpg
Temp. 0-215F
Placement Forground/Midground/Background/high/low
Coloration Bright Pink
pH 15.6
Specific Gravity 10,000
Water Hardness Hard
Temperament Annoying
Water Flow High


{{Coral Profile 
  |name = Common Name
  |image = No_Image.png
  |caption = Image Caption
  |species = Species
  |difficulty = Easy/moderate/hard/very hard
  |light_needs = Low/Medium/High/1.0-7.0 wpg
  |temperature = 0-215F
  |placement = Forground/Midground/Background/high/low
  |coloration = Bright Pink
  |ph = 15.6
  |water_flow = High
  |specific_gravity = 10,000
  |water_hardness = Hard
  |temperament = Annoying

The above code creates the box located on the right. Please use for all applicable articles.