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could some one please upload a male picture of the tetra.

Suitable for bettas?[edit]

I know that this fish can nip. But I read that they don't nip if there are enough fish in the tank. Could I put a male betta in a tank with 10 black skirt tetras? the tetras are very young and long just about 1 cm.

Hello there, depending on the size of your tank yes. The idea behind them not nipping at fish if there are alot of them in the tank is that they will be more concerned with each other then the betta. However there is still a bit of risk by introducing the betta. What size tank do you have? --Brian 05:06, 22 November 2009 (UTC)`

The tank size is 125 l. And both the betta and the black skirt tetras and also the glowlight ones are there to. The black skirt tetras don't care about tha male betta, they are more aggresive to each other. Just that you know this tank is in my school and everyone wanted to have a betta in there. Also there are many plants, stones, moss and tree roots. This morning the betta male swan right through the place where the skirt tetras were eating, and they actuallymoved away from him. So i hope they'll be fine.

Cool, in a few weeks let us know how it works out in case we get a similar question. --Brian 19:00, 26 November 2009 (UTC)

Ok i will. next week the rest of the fish that are listed will come. Today the tetras are still a litlle shy of the betta, he was actually the one who was aggresive today to them and was following them, but they're to fast for him. Anyway he'l get three females and we hope they'll get along weel. he also comes near the glass of the tank when somebody is watching him, like he wanted to say hello. he can be thankfull couse in the shop he had only 2 liters of water.

Update. Since the last time nothing happened, all fish get along well, the black skirt tetras sometimes try to bite each other and don't care about other fish. In the tank there are now: glowlight tetras, black neon tetras, Siamese Fighting Fish(male and female - both get along very well), amano shrimp and some snails. The tank is planted with several plants.