Greater Duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza)

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Greater Duckweed

Greater Duckweed

Spirodela polyrhiza



6.0 - 8.0

6 -33 °C (42.8-91.4°F)

Max Height

4 cm (1.6")

Max Width

7.6cm (3 ")

Alternative Names[edit]

Giant Duckweed, Greater Duckweed

Environment Specifics[edit]

Spirodela can grow in a huge variety of water conditions in very large clusters, such that it may sometimes grow to cover the entire water surface of a pond. Certain fish, like Goldfish love feeding on the roots on its underside. It can form clusters with othe closely related species of the same kind such as Lemna. If taken from the wirl these leaves may harvour larvae of certain species, as they serve as very safe nesting grounds.


This plant is native to Eurasia and is a member of the Araceae Family.


Spirodela species are free-floating thalli, 2-5 plants may remain connected to each other. Plants are green, but may have a red or brown underside. Multiple roots (7 to 12) emerge from each thallus.
It is an easy going plant that will work well for all ranges of aquaria person. It will grow slowly and steadily in low light and does not require CO2 injection.
This plant demands an increase in lighting as because it blocks out a quantity of light as it spreads on the surface. But these demands are not very hard to meet.


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