Responsible fishkeeping

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Responsible fishkeeping is the central philosophy of The Aquarium Wiki. This concept, hopefully, informs all the information that is presented here.

Responsible fishkeeping involves every aspect of the hobby, from the wild and tame sources of our pets, to the final results of what we do. As such, we believe that:

  • Living organisms should never be harmed or depleted in their natural environment for the purposes of supplying hobbyists.
    • Likewise, the natural environment should not be harmed in the collecting of specimens.
  • Whenever possible, tank-bred and raised organisms should be favored over wild-caught.
  • The life of every organism matters. Every process from capture through maintenance in the aquarium should endeavour to reduce loss of life, disease, and even discomfort.
  • Only responsible breeders, wholesalers, and retailers should be patronized.
  • Every experiment or application of new technology at each stage should set as its primary axiom minimizing harm to living creatures.
  • Teaching those we encounter, from fellow hobbyists, to retailers and their employees, the best practices is of a high priority.
  • When treating creatures for disease, or euthanizing when necessary, the most humane methods possible should be used.
  • Natural environments should never be contaminated by released exotics. All transport and other handling of exotics should be managed to avoid such release, even under conditions of accidents.
  • Manufacturers of equipment and supplies should be encouraged to be honest and fully forthcoming about any claims they make for their products.
  • While much information shared in this hobby is of an anecdotal nature, all should be encouraged to study and share the underlying science of the state of the art.