Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis)

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Micro Sword

Micro Sword

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis



6.0 - 8.0

15 -26 °C (59-78.8°F)

Max Height

10 cm (3.9")

Max Width

25.4cm (10 ")

Common names[edit]

Micro Sword


Craztzia brasiliensis
Commonly sold as L. novae zelandiae - a true species from New Zealand but it doesn't yet seem to have been introduced into the aquarium trade.


Found in South America.


A short-stemmed plant with pale green leaves that in the right conditions form a short carpet. Reaches a height of from about 4-7cm (1.6-2.8").


Used in the foreground of the aquarium. To grow well it needs a very bright light, and a tropical temperature range. It prefers a good substrate, a nutriment rich water and will benefit from additional CO2. According to Tropica it will tolerate some salt in the water. Slow growing. Propagates from runners which are readily formed but it can take some time to form the mat effect desired in planted aquariums.

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