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Calcium Hydroxide[edit]

Kalkwasser is pure Calcium Hydroxide.


Take a container and fill it with enough RO/DI water for the Kalk to become soluable and not over saturate the water. A good method is to take a one gallon jug and fill it up 4/5 of the way. Put a half teaspoon in the water. Shake the solution up. Allow the solution to sit and for the non-soluable portions to settle to the bottom. Add the solution to your tank, do not add it fast. Pour it into a high flow area of the tank. This solution can have as high as a 12 PH. No more than two teaspoons of Kalkwasser will desolve in a gallon of RO/DI water.

Things Kalkwasser is used for[edit]

To raise alkalinity and increase calcium. It is also known to cause the precipitation of phosphates.
Kalkwasser can also be used to kill stuff you don't want by making a paste out of it and smearing it on the pest or making a high concentration liquid out of it and injecting it into the pest.

Where to buy Kalkwasser[edit]

Kalkwasser can be purchased at most major fish and marine stores. Many hobbyests have had sucess using pickling lime bought at the grocery store.