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Company Name[edit]

Its a Fishy Buziness


A friendly online shop which specialises in freshwater Plants, Mosses, Ferns and invertebrates.


A wide range of freshwater aquatic plants, mosses, Ferns ,snails, crabs, shrimp & crayfish.

(Apple snail, Nerite snails, Trumpet snails, Assassin snails.)

(Amazon Frogbit, Mini Water Lettuce, Salvinia)

  • Online sales
  • Paypal Accepted (Paypal Verifide)
  • As well as cheques & postal orders

Contact Details[edit]

email: [email protected]

Contact: Steve Sharp

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="50.395942" lon="-4.415565" zoom="18"> 50.395408, -4.415431, Welcome to Its a Fishy Buziness </googlemap>