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Interpet Ltd is an UK based aquarium company that supplies products to the aquarium trade. They do not sell direct to the consumer.

Company details[edit]

Actually owned by eco animal health group plc (once known as Lawrence plc) trading as Interpet, it is a limited company.

Contact details[edit]

Interpet do have a consumer advice telephone or email service if you wish free advice on how to use their products or which product to buy.

Telephone : 01306 881033

Fax: 01306 885009

email : [email protected]

Interpet House, Vincent Lane, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3YX, GB

Web site -

Special notes[edit]

  • Interpet products do have a reputation of being good quality. But they are often criticised for the lack of information printed on their treatment products and often hide what is actually in the bottle. They have a tendency to direct you back to the retail shops who know as little as the instructions written on the treatment bottles.
  • They do not provide MSDS sheets online. But will send them via fax or mail on request.
  • They don't keep their web site very up to date. A PDF file of their products as of 2007/2008 can be found here.