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The East Coast Aquarium Society (ECAS)[edit]

The East Coast Aquarium Society (ECAS) is a group of Canadian aquarium hobbyists who, like you, are passionate about aquarium life! We are the only registered non-profit aquarium society in the Maritimes and is a member of the Canadian Association Of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC) and the Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FASS). We actively promote and encourage aquatic education of freshwater and marine aquaria, aquatic plants and other related livestock in a fun and informative learning environment. Since our early beginnings in 2004, our objectives have been centred around furthering the aquarium hobby and promoting the practice of keeping tropical fish through the dissemination of information.

As one of the largest aquarium societies in the Maritimes, the East Coast Aquarium Society is your top information resource. Offering aquarium enthusiasts a wealth of information, expert guidance, workshops, and even more, ECAS provides you with an opportunity to learn, share your knowledge, and meet like-minded friends. Browse the website, and mark your calendar for our next monthly social! Come out and meet the neighbours you didn't know you had!

The East Coast Aquarium Society website and the bulletin board may be used by all people whether they are ECAS members or not. There are perks to membership, however, including access to our extensive library of books, magazines and videos, opportunities to buy livestock and dry goods though bulk orders; store discounts from our sponsors; road trips, auctions and fish shows; and shopping nights at local fish stores in the Maritime region. Our Members can also join programs such as the Breeders Award Program (BAP) and the Horticulturalist Award Program (HAP) which offer hobbyists rewards for species breeding and plant propagation.

Membership is open to all so come on in...the water's great!!