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Company Name[edit | edit source]

Cupar Garden Centre Ltd

(Company number: 182393)

Products[edit | edit source]

The aquatic centre enjoys an enviable reputation for its comprehensive selection of sundry products for the keen aquarist together with a plentiful supply of quality cold water, tropical and marine fish.

We carry a good selection of tank accessories, ornaments and plants to help keep your fish in healthy and attractive surroundings. Our friendly staff would be pleased to discuss your requirements and make recommendations as appropriate.

There is a extensive range of indoor and outdoor fountain ornaments and some of the larger features include outdoor garden ponds. If you wish to build your own pond we stock several different types of pond pumps, pond liners, building materials, all water garden sundries and a selection of water plants to plant in it.

Sells a wide range of marine, tropical and coldwater animals.

We hold in stock a wide variety of pond fish, everything from the humble stickleback through goldfish from 5 cm to the majestic koi of over 30cms. We also have a great selection of Goldfish like orandas and black moors. Livebearers such as Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies and platies, a good selection of Malawi cichlids and numerous other species such as Rainbow fish, Discus, an assortment of Catfish and L number plecs, as well as common everyday fish such as Tiger Barbs, Tinfoil barbs, Neon Tetras and Cardinal Tetras.

Alongside the fish we also stock a good selection of Aquariums and cabinets from Juwel, Hagen, Aqua One, Aqua El, Via Aqua, Lifestyle, Eheim and Rena.

Also sells reptiles. Sells dry goods.

If we haven’t got it we can usually source it and get it within a few days.

Coldwater : 29 tanks
Tropical : 40 tanks
Malawis : 12 tanks
Pond fish : total of 10,500 litres

Contact Details[edit | edit source]

Cupar Garden Centre
Cupar Trading Estate
United Kingdom
KY15 4SX

Tel: 01334 655766 or 01334 655792, Fax: 01334 655420

Map[edit | edit source]

<googlemap lat="56.323284" lon="-2.988732" type="map" zoom="9"> 56.3237, -2.99165, Cupar Garden Centre, Fife, UK </googlemap>

Website[edit | edit source]

Opening hours[edit | edit source]

Monday – Saturday: 10am till 4.30pm
Sunday: 10am till 5pm
Open all public holidays – except December 24 - 26 and December 31 - January 2

Special Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Not a OATA member
  • Has signed the PFK Dyed fish Campaign and pledges not to knowingly sell dyed fish.

EXTRA SPECIAL NOTE[edit | edit source]

The aquatics/pets section was closed when the new owners took over at the beginning of 2017.