Coral Beauty (Centropyge bispinosa)

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Coral Beauty

Coral Beauty

Centropyge bispinosa

208 Litres (55 US G.)

7.6-10.2cm (3-4 ")


8.1 - 8.5

22.2-25.6°C (72 -78 °F)

8-12 °d

1:? M:F

Live Foods
Other (See article)

2-5 years



Additional names

Coral Beauty, Twospined Angelfish, Dusky Angelfish

Additional scientific names

Holacanthus bispinosus, Centropyge bispinosus

Tank compatibility[edit]

One of the best Dwarf Angelfish for Reef Tank, most individuals will not bother Corals if well fed. It is peaceful to most fish, but may act aggressively towards similarly shaped or colored fish, especially if space is limited.


May initially be hard to get eating, but once adjusted, should take most meaty foods. It is primarily Herbivorous, so should be offered algae based foods in addition to what it can find in the aquarium.

Feeding regime[edit]

Should be fed a number of foods at least twice a day.


Somewhat territorial, aggressive to other Angels of similar size, only 1 to a tank unless it is very large, or the 2 are a pair. Otherwise somewhat shy and likes lots of rock crevices and caves to hide in. The Coral Beauty is an active swimmer once fully acclimated, and will use up the entire tank.


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