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Sea Slugs belong to Opisthobranchs, and are a large and diverse group of specialized complex marine gastropods previously united under Opisthobranchia within the Heterobranchia. The reduction or loss of the shell, the elaboration of the head, foot or mantle, and the acquisition of chemical defences are evolutionary trends shared by most Opisthobranch taxa.

Often labelled as "Nudibranch", these are an elaborately decorated type of sea slug. There are over 3000 recognised species of Nudibranch, of which there are four basic types, the Doridoidea, Aeolidoidea, Dendronotoidea, and Arminoidea. They occur worldwide at all depths, the most elaborate and largest are found in warm shallow seas.

Due to their sensitivity to water changes, tank mates and extremely fussy eating habits, they should only attempt to be kept by very experienced marine keepers or in public aquaria, although the best place for these creatures is the wild. They usually starve to death in aquaria.

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