Anabantoid Association of Great Britain

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We are based in the U.K. with the following goals :

  • To promote an interest in the study and maintenance of the Anabantoidei, Luciocephalidae, Channidae and Badis families
  • To provide AAGB members with information on the maintenance and breeding of the above families.
  • To assemble and maintain libraries of information and slides
  • To encourage the breeding and distribution of anabantoid species
  • To publish a regular newsletter
  • Participation in conservation projects such as the Sandelia project in Grahamstown.

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  • Annual fee based, fees as of 2005:
    • Junior (under 16) & OAP - £3.50
    • Individual - £8.00
    • Family - £10.50
    • Overseas - £12.50