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Aloe Vera originates in Northern Africa and is known for its healing properties to humans.


Some suggest that Aloe Vera might also help fish as an anti-stress agent, promote the production of the natural slime coat in fish and thus promoting overall health and well-being although this is not scientifically proven. Others insist that the effects are negative and cause fish to die.

Because of this uncertainty, only use Aloe Vera products that are researched and tested and come from trusted companies instead of using your own. If the claims that Aloe Vera aids in fish health are in fact true, then using a pre-made product rather than a self-made one will ensure that you do not harm your fish.

Suggested Solutions[edit]

If you find the need to use Aloe by making a solution yourself, you can follow the directions below:

Use one litre of distilled water. Mix 10g of Aloe Vera, or Cape Aloe, crystals in the water shaking occasionally over 2 - 3 hours as it is does not dissolve very well. Use a strainer to transfer the liquid into another container ensuring that the excess undissolved Aloe stays behind. Leave the mixture to stand for a couple of hours and it will slowly turn darker.

Once you have done this you can use 5ml per 20 litres of aquarium water to be treated.