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APD - Aquatic Plants Digest, part of the FINS : The Fish Information Service web site.

A much respected and popular mailing list called 'Aquatic Plants Mailing List or Digest'.

The aquatic plant mailing list is intended to be a medium for exchange of information about all aspects of growing aquatic plants as a hobby. Postings on both aquarium plants and pond plants are welcome.

The web site provides a huge wealth of archive information on the subjects below.

Topics of discussion include (but are not limited to):

  • Individual plant species (identification, cultivation, propagation, etc.)
  • Aquascaping
  • Substrates - pros and cons of commercial substrate additives, potting soil, peat, etc.
  • Water conditioners and fertilizers.
  • Hardware - heaters, filters, surface skimmers, etc.
  • Compatibility of fish and other organisms with aquatic plants.
  • Trades/exchanges between hobbyists.

Internal links[edit]

See Aquatic Plants Digest web site.