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I am a biologist and writer in Colorado. My research is in the areas of ecology, zoology, and microbiology. I am also the author of the post-apocalyptic series, The Feral World, which takes place 3,000 years in the future after an asteroid collision has destroyed civilization, and when people live as hunter-gatherers once more. The first book in the series is Migration of the Kamishi, the second is Trials of the Warmland, and the third is Riders of the Mapinguari.

I edit Wikipedia articles every now and then when I see serious errors or when important information has been left out. I have also written wikis on the Mayan cichlid and the green sunfish. The information in these articles is based on existing literature, my own original research, and my experiences as an aquarist.

Presently, the only living things in my care are potted plants. However, I used to have many different kinds of pets, and I would like to again. I have kept and bred a variety of tropical and temperate freshwater fish from most of the major groups (characins, minnows, catfish, cichlids, and centrarchids). Cichlids and centrarchids are my favorite families, and currently, my major interest in aquariums is native North American fishes, especially sunfish.