Beginning Fishkeeping-Monitoring your new pets

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The First Few Days[edit | edit source]

The first three days of ownership is the critical time for a newly introduced animal, it is during this time that the animal is most likely to die. It has to adjust to the chemistry of your tank water, the new environment with its strange lights and sounds and perhaps fight off other curious fellow occupants.

When you place new fish (or any aquatic animal) into your tank, don't be surprised if the animal tries to hide.

Some species of fish will even turn pale and lose most, if not all their body colour as they try to blend in and hide. Don't expect to see anything like normal behaviour for the first week or so. The animal will be experiencing high levels of stress which can put it off food and it will probably be breathing rapidly ready to dart away.

The concerned owner can take steps to reduce this stress.

  • Turn off the lights before introducing the animal and leave them off for at least a few hours.
  • Leave the tank alone after introducing and keep the room quiet.
  • Try not to peer into the tank trying to find the animal.