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Nemenzophyllia (Fox Coral)
Fox Coral
Species Nemenzophyllia
Difficulty Easy/Moderate
Required Lighting Low/Medium 80 to 150 Par
Temp. 72-78F
Placement Sandbed/Low/Mid
Coloration Pearly white/ grey/ purple/ pink
pH 8.2-8.4
Specific Gravity 1.023-1.025
Water Hardness 8-12dH
Temperament Aggressive
Water Flow Low

Alternative names

Fox Coral, Jasmine Coral, Ridge Coral

Tank compatibility

Sandbed, Low, Middle of tank.


Photosynthetic and filter feeder.

Feeding regime

A weekly broadcast feeding of plankton, or reef food should suffice.

Environment Specifics

Thrives in higher nitrate conditions. Will also do well under many of the same conditions that a Bubble Coral will do well under.


Has toxic sting, keep other corals that you value away.


Calcified under skeleton, pillowy ruffly body with mouths in at the core.

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