Surinam Toad (Pipa pipa)

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Surinam Toad

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Surinam Toad

Pipa pipa

76 Litres (20 US G.)

12.7-20.3cm (5-8 ")




7.0 - 8.0

24 -26 °C (75.2-78.8°F)

6-12 °d

1:1 M:F

Live Foods

5-8 years

Alternative Names[edit]

Surinam Toad, Star-Fingered Toad


Originates from South America, including Brazil, Suriname and Colombia.


In the breeding seasons, females develop a ring-like swelling around the vent area.


These toads are not easy to breed. Spawning takes place at the surface, and the male then directs the eggs onto the female's back. Within a day, the female's back swell up, with a pad embracing the eggs. Between 3 and 5 months later, the young toad breaks out.
Reduce temperature by 2-5°C (35.6-41°F) for 7 days, then restore to normal. If it is unsuccessful, reduce the temperature again and drain off half of the water; leave 7 days and then flood to restore the water level and restore normal temperatures 2–3 days later. Captive breeding of Surinam toad is not common. They are not likely to breed in small aquarium.

Tank Compatibility[edit]

Should be kept in a species tank only.


Primarily insectivorous, feed things like bloodworm and crickets.

Feeding Regime[edit]

Feed once or twice a day.

Environment Specifics[edit]

They are highly aquatic and need a spacious tank. Surinam Toads also need a heated water, and plants such as Java moss in their quarters, along with secure underwater hiding places.


An active large Toad.


These odd-looking Toad have a flattened body shape, a little like a leaf, and a sharp, triangular face when viewed from above. They have broad feet, the front are without webbing, long and claw like, the back feet and strong and webbed.



Female with eggs: Babies emerging:

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