Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris)

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Queen Angelfish

Queen Angelfish

Holacanthus ciliaris

946 Litres (250 US G.)

38.1-43.2cm (15-17 ")


8.1 - 8.4

22.2-25.6°C (72 -78 °F)

8-12 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Live Foods
Other (See article)

10-15 years



This animal is available captive bred

Sexing[edit | edit source]

Difficult to tell as juveniles. Male adults are somewhat larger then females.

Diet[edit | edit source]

It will take most foods including pellets, live and frozen foods.

Feeding regime[edit | edit source]

Feed once or twice a day.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Compatible with most peaceful fish of equal size as a juvenile. As it grows, it will become more aggressive and territorial.

Identification[edit | edit source]

Can be confused with and hybridise with the Blue Angelfish, however the body is more yellow, with blue borders, has finer but brighter markings.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This species can hybridise with the Blue Angelfish; resulting hybrids are called Townsend's Angelfish.

Videos[edit | edit source]

In a pet shop tank:

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