Marimo Balls (Aegagropila linnaeii)

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Marimo Balls

Cladophora aegagropila1.jpg
Drawing by

Aegagropila linnaeii



6 - 8

5 -28 °C (41-82.4°F)

Max Height

10 cm (3.9")

Max Width

10 cm (3.9")

Alternative names[edit]

Moss Balls, Algae Balls, Lake Ball, Marimo Moss Ball, Japanese Moss Ball
Originally named Aegagropila linnaeii in 1843, then renamed as Cladophora aegagropila in 1849. However in 2002 it was returned to its original name of Aegagropila linnaei after DNA research proved it's not a true Cladophora species.


It's a form of Microphyte plant (i.e. Algae). It certainly looks odd and needs to be placed in the foreground to show off its form properly. As it gets bigger it will eventually float, so it needs to be broken into smaller pieces.

Environment Specifics[edit]

This plant is very good for a beginner in the planted aquarium hobby, or indeed any aquarium. It does not require CO2 or high light levels. It can live in light from very dim to very bright. Your fish may even have a game of soccer and kick the marimo ball around in their tank.

Special Notes[edit]

  • Goldfish safe
  • Does tend to collect dirt and needs regular rinsing in clean water to remove this.
  • Needs regular turning if you wish to keep the round shape.
  • Grows about 10mm a year when keep captive in optimum condition
  • Avoid strong direct sunlight as Marimo requires low lighting


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