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Zucchini (Zoo-Keen-Ee) (US, Australian, and Canadian English) or Courgette (New Zealand and British English) is a small summer marrow or squash, also commonly called Italian Squash.

Zucchini Courgette Squash1.jpg

It is a good food for herbivore or algae eating fish. Sliced and threaded using a weight or a Screwcumber to ensure the fruit stays on the bottom.

  • Remove after 24 hours if uneaten.
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The Zucchini vegetable is low in calories (approximately 15 food calories per 100g fresh Zucchini) but contains useful amounts of folate (Folic acid) (24 mcg/100 g), potassium (280 mg/100 g) and vitamin A (384 IU [115 mcg]/100 g).