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Mars Fishcare includes the trade names Aquarian and API (aka Aquarium Pharmaceuticals), two companies owned by Mars, Inc, the makers of food products such as Uncle Ben's rice, Wrigley's gum, and Mars candy bars. Aquarian and API are fish care product manufacturers based in Chalfont, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Both products are made in the same facilities, Aquarian for the UK market and API for the US market.

Aquarian[edit | edit source]

Aquarian was developed by Forrest Mars, Sr, owner of Mars Inc in 1975 to develop fish foods that were 'superior to all others, but to also prove it with lab-controlled trials'. Aquarian manufactures products for the aquarium such as various forms of fish food, the Aquarian brand Tap Water Safe an aquarium conditioner, and Weekly Cleaner to provide beneficial bacteria necessary for removing ammonia and nitrites from the aquarium water. The Aquarian site also includes several guides to assist the fishkeeper covering subject matter such as beginning fishkeeping, care, nutrition, and health care with a FAQ section. The main product page includes links to each product page which describes the product and its use.

Aquarian products

  • Goldfish & Coldwater Flake Food
  • Goldfish Pellets
  • Tropical & Temperate Flake Food
  • Sinking Pellets
  • Algae Wafer
  • Holiday Feeding Block
  • Floating Pond Sticks
  • Tap Water Safe
  • Weekly Cleaner

Aquarian also has an online fish care guide at the website.

No UK address is given
Telephone number - 44 08000 148173
Aquarian website:

API[edit | edit source]

API does not show a company history on their site. Their products, made for aquarium, pond, and turtle environments, the API site also includes several guides for each of freshwater, saltwater, plants, pond, and turtle environments. The main product pages include links to each product page which describes the product and its use.

API also has the Aquaspin photometer, a device which performs a water analysis on a sample returning a digital readout of parameters including ammonia, calcium, carbonate hardness, general hardness, magnesium, nitrates, nitrites, pH, and phosphate. This is typically purchased by a fish store to analysis a customer provided sample.

Mars Fishcare
50 Hamilton Street
Chalfont, Pennsylvania 18914
Phone (US) 215.822.8181
API Website: