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What is it[edit]

AmQuel+ (AmQuel plus) is a popular and well respected water conditioner for aquariums.

It is used to render non-toxic all forms of ammonia, ammonium, nitrite or nitrates from the water, including ammonia in chloramine and the chemical chlorine.

Kordon claims it removes/detoxifies toxic pheromones from the water.
AmQuel+ has a long indefinite shelf life at full effectiveness that is expected to be many years.
  • It takes approximately 5 minutes to work.
  • Note: This is not the same as the Kordon product - AmQuel
  • Amquel+ is a sulfinate and sulfoxylate water conditioner.


AmQuel+ is added at a rate of 5ml for every 38 Litres (10 US G.) fresh or salt water. This amount is designed to remove 1.2 mg/L (ppm) of all ammonia compounds, at least 2.0 mg/L (ppm) of nitrites, and at least 13 mg/L (ppm) of nitrates.

When treating tap water this is designed to remove up to 4 mg/L (ppm) of chlorine which is the standard rate in most USA States.

  • Note: the total volume of water should be treated per dose, not just the amount of water added or changed.

Company web site[edit]

Kordon AmQuel+