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What is it?[edit]

VMD stands for Veterinary Medicines Directorate. It is a UK Government Agency designed to ensure that animal medicines sold in the UK meet high standards.

Before an animal medicine can be sold or supplied in the UK, the VMD have to approve it. The medicine will need a Marketing Authorisation (MA), unless it comes under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme or is a registered homeopathic remedy.

Small Animal Exemption Scheme (SAES)[edit]

These are products which are exempt from the full Marketing Authorisation requirements under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme (SAES). The products may only be used in one or more of the following species: aquarium fish, caged birds, homing pigeons, terrarium animals, small rodents, ferrets and rabbits. The exemption applies only to pet animals that are not intended to produce food for human consumption.