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The Aquarium Wiki is a free encyclopaedia developed in 2006 by a couple of aquarium owners who saw the need for a comprehensive collective guide that allowed anyone to edit its content under the one roof.

Brian Malinconico (PsiPro) in the USA physically owns the servers that host the site, and the domain name, and is a keen aquarium owner.

Stuart Halliday (Quatermass) is one of the head administrators of the site from the UK who brings his wide experience of IT and aquarium knowledge to the site and was the initial drive to getting the content of the Aquarium Wiki off the ground.

Yes, there are other aquarium sites and forums, but these tend to specialise on one area of the hobby and none seem to include reviews of products, companies, and clubs listings across the world, etc.

The Aquarium Wiki has a number of unique features like the ability to add our search engine in your web browser so you can always find out detailed information no matter what web site you're currently visiting.

We have a forum that is closely linked with the encyclopaedia so that it allows anyone to openly criticise or praise the site or its content.

There are critics of Wiki-type sites.
The main point raised is 'how can we trust the information found?'. Indeed this is a valid point. Each page on this site is editable by anyone and some of these may be anonymous.

But then how can you trust the information you're told in a open web forum or mailing list? Both types of internet discussion are written by people you don't know with their own agendas and motives.

But here on the Aquarium Wiki alongside each article we submit primary or secondary sources (reference links to other sites or books) which should hopefully back up the text you have read. We also have a small army of keen aquarium hobbyists who moderate the content so it's kept current.

We also uniquely have a forum that anyone can post to if they have a query or concern over any information they've read and we can discuss the point in question as this hobby is still developing and expanding as we learn more about aquatic life and how to look after it.

--Quatermass, 2nd June 2014 (UTC)

Please see also the related Aquarium Fish WikiProject at Wikipedia. Collaboration is welcome! Unlike Wikipedia, The Aquarium Wiki provides practical information on how to care for aquarium fish. --Tryptofish