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Ocean NutritionTM, originally founded in 1982, has never wavered from its original goal to provide the freshest and absolutely best possible foods for marine and freshwater tropical fish. The original concept, rooted in the early days of marine tropical fish breeding and culture, including anemone fish, Garibaldi and yellow-head jawfish, was to duplicate the natural and very complex diet that coral reef fishes feed upon in their natural environment. The task was not easy since our biologists had to find a readily available substitute for the many tiny invertebrate critters, eggs, and plankton that were the normal prey of these beautiful and exotic fish. The formulas gradually evolved over the years, and then were promptly improved and expanded upon as the ingredients became fresher, more exotic and closer to the natural source of the coral reef itself.


These are the products produced by Ocean Nutrition. As stated above, they specialise in fish and plant foods with many products species-specific.

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