Frog or Toad

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What makes a Frog a frog or a Toad a toad?

This isn't easy to answer as even scientists can't make up their minds and as such there isn't one clear definition. The names have no taxonomic justification. To start off with, most amphibians kept in aquariums like the Dwarf African Frog or the Clawed African Frog have in the past been labelled as toads!


Here is a current loose definition of what makes a frog:

  1. It has a smooth skin.
  2. It feels moist to the touch.
  3. It hops and jumps across the ground.
  4. It lays eggs in bunches.
  5. It may perform mating in the lumbar amplexus position.
  6. Long hind legs for jumping and swimming.
  7. A true frog is in the Ranidae family,
  8. Frog may have poisonous skin.


A toad is said to be:

  1. It has a lumpy, wart like skin.
  2. It has a dry skin.
  3. It walks across the ground.
  4. It lays eggs in ribbons.
  5. It may perform mating in the axillary amplexus position.
  6. Short hind legs designed for walking.
  7. A true toad is in the Buffonidae family.
  8. Toads have a poison gland (the parotoid gland) located behind the eyes on the top of the head.