Phoenix Moss (Fissidens fontanus)

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Phoenix Moss

Fissidens fontanus04.jpg
Phoenix Moss

Fissidens fontanus



5.5 - 7.5

23 -28 °C (73.4-82.4°F)

Max Height

60 cm (23.6")

Max Width

30 cm (11.8")

Alternative Names and Variants[edit]

Phoenix Moss, US Fissidens, Palm Moss

Environment Specifics[edit]

Easy plant to keep. Make sure lighting is adequate. Does best when tied to rocks or driftwood with fishing line. Can be tied on a riccia mat to form a carpet.


Small green plant with fronds sticking out of it. Many other forms of Fissidens, this one is easily recognizable. It gets the name "palm moss" because its fronds resemble palm fronds.

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