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Cyprinidae is a large family belonging to the order of Cypriniformes. This family of over 2000 species of which many have the common name of Minnows and Carps, and features some of the most well known species such as the Goldfish and Zebra Danio.

Within this family are 13 sub-families which are:

  • Acheilognathinae (Bitterlings)
  • Barbinae (Barbs)
  • Cultrinae
  • Cyprininae (Carp)
  • Danioinae (Danios)
  • Gobioninae (Gudgeons)
  • Labeoninae (Shark Minnows)
  • Leuciscinae (Bream and Bleak)
  • Rasborinae (Rasboras)
  • Squaliobarbinae (Grass Carp)
  • Tincinae
  • Incertae sedis (unclassified species)