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Bio-Spira was a commercial aquarium product by MarineLand Labs.

This product was a landmark in the history of the aquarium hobby as this liquid product allowed the fish keeper to add aquatic animals to a newly set up tank within 24 hours without any harm coming to the animals due to 'New Tank Syndrome'.

  • There is a freshwater and marine versions. Ensure you use the correct type for your tank.

Tips on buying Bio-Spira

  • This product has a best-before-date. So ensure the date indicates that the product is still fresh and has at least 6 months of life left.
  • The product needs to be kept cold if it is to last to its expiry date. So the shop should be keeping it in a refrigerator. So ensure the packet you buy feels cold.
  • Don't buy it if it's frozen, that kills the contents.

Buy out

Spectrum Brands bought over Marineland Labs in late 2006 and shut the California facility down and merged it with Tetra. Sprectrum moved the Bio-Spira production to the Tetra facility in Melle Germany. Safestart uses the same patent (EP1282688) as BIO-Spira.

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