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Bio-Spira was a commercial aquarium product by MarineLand Labs.

This product was a landmark in the history of the aquarium hobby as this liquid product allowed the fish keeper to add aquatic animals to a newly set up tank within 24 hours without any harm coming to the animals due to 'New Tank Syndrome'.

  • There is a freshwater and marine versions. Ensure you use the correct type for your tank.

Tips on buying Bio-Spira[edit]

  • This product has a best-before-date. So ensure the date indicates that the product is still fresh and has at least 6 months of life left.
  • The product needs to be kept cold if it is to last to its expiry date. So the shop should be keeping it in a refrigerator. So ensure the packet you buy feels cold.
  • Don't buy it if it's frozen, that kills the contents.

Buy out[edit]

Spectrum Brands bought over Marineland Labs in late 2006 and shut the California facility down and merged it with Tetra. Sprectrum moved the Bio-Spira production to the Tetra facility in Melle Germany. Safestart uses the same patent (EP1282688) as BIO-Spira.

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