African Giant Filter Shrimp (Atya gabonensis)

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African Giant Filter Shrimp

Atya gabonensis6653.jpg
African Giant Filter Shrimp

Atya gabonensis

19 Litres (5 US G.)

10.2-15.2cm (4-6 ")




6.5 - 7.8

23.9-28.9°C (75 -84 °F)

2-10 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods
Other (See article)

3-5 years

Alternative names[edit | edit source]

African Giant Filter Shrimp, Vampire Shrimp, African Fan Shrimp, Armoured Shrimp

Sexing[edit | edit source]

It is often difficult to distinguish between male and female. But it has been noted that males are more active in comparison.

Tank compatibility[edit | edit source]

Compatible with most dwarf shrimps

Diet[edit | edit source]

These shrimp are filter feeders, so will filter very small food particles from the water. A well established aquarium should provide them with most of the food they need, but to supplement you can crumble flakes or pellets in the water column and they will should get some of that. Similar to the more well known Bamboo Shrimp in this respect.

Feeding regime[edit | edit source]

Supplement when necessary, a few times a week should suffice.

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