Dwarf Sedge (Acorus gramineus)

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Dwarf Sedge

Acorus gramineus.JPG
Dwarf Sedge

Acorus gramineus



6.0 - 8.0

16 -26 °C (60.8-78.8°F)

Max Height

30 cm (11.8")

Max Width

25.4cm (10 ")

Alternative Names and Variants

Dwarf Sedge, Japanese Rush, Dwarf Variegated Sweetflag, Dwarf Sweetflag Variegated, Dwarf Japanese Rush

Environment Specifics

FYI this is not a true aquatic plant, more a plant for boggy gardens. It may rot if submerged entirely. Best kept as a border pond plant or in an immersed style set up in an aquarium, part water and part land.


A grass-like plant with tall straight leaves. Available in both green and variegated forms.


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