Rainbow Acanthastrea (Acanthastrea echinata)

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Rainbow Acanthastrea

Rainbow Acanthastrea.jpg
Rainbow Acanthastrea

Acanthastrea echinata


8.2 - 8.4

22.2-23.9°C (72 -75 °F)

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Alternative names

Rainbow Acanthastrea, Rainbow Acan, Acan Echinata, Pineapple Coral, Artichoke Coral, Starry Cup Coral, Favia

Tank compatibility

This coral has long tentacles and should not be placed near other corals or else they will sting each other.


This coral is photosynthetic and contains zooxanthellae to feed on during the day. However, at night it will extend long sweeping tentacles to catch particles and can then be supplemented with foods such as brine shrimp and mysis shrimp.

Environment Specifics

This is a coral found quite deep on the reef and should therefore not be kept in very bright lighting, preferring medium light levels.


The coral has thick round corallites with small pointy teeth and concentric circles of thick 'fleshy' tissue. They look very similar to Favites abdita and are found in a variety of colours.

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