Slender Wavy Swordplant ('Aponogeton longiplumulosus')

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Slender Wavy Swordplant

Aponogeton longiplumulosus.jpg
Slender Wavy Swordplant

Aponogeton longiplumulosus



5.5 - 8.0

[[Minimum temperature::18 °TEMPLATE:UNITS-TEMP| ]] [[Maximum temperature::30 °TEMPLATE:UNITS-TEMP| ]]

2-15 °d

Max Height

60 cm (23.6")

Max Width

50 cm (19.7")



Alternative Names and variants

Slender Wavy Swordplant

Environment Specifics

A fairly undemanding plant that does well in a range of water chemistries. Does best with a good light source, not suitable for low-light tanks.


A large growing plant with large slender fluted leaves, the leaves have ruffled edges. This plant will flower frequently once established.


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