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Three-Barbled Catfish is the common name for the family of Heptapteridae. This is a large family with over 200 known species.

Common Name Species Name Image Difficulty Maximum Size Tank Size
Dorsey's Pimelodid Pimelodella dorseyi No Image.png Moderate 8 in 35 gal
False Cory Brachyrhamdia imitator No Image.png Moderate 3 in 20 gal
Linam's Pimelodella Pimelodella linami No Image.png Moderate 15 cm 25 gal
Odynea Pimelodid Catfish Pimelodella odynea No Image.png Moderate 10 cm 35 gal
Rio Meta Pimelodid Pimelodella metae No Image.png Moderate 6 in 45 gal
South American Catfish Rhamdia quelen Rhamdia quelen -2197.jpg Challenging 13 in 75 gal