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Banjo Catfish is the common name for the family of Aspredinidae. A small family of around 36 species, they all share the characteristics of the body being depressed anteriorly and some species being found in both Freshwater and Brackish.

Common Name Species Name Image Difficulty Maximum Size Tank Size
Banjo Catfish Bunocephalus coracoideus No Image.png Moderate 6 in 15 gal
Craggy-Headed Banjo Catfish Bunocephalichthys verrucosus No Image.png Moderate 4 in 20 gal
Kner's Banjo Catfish Bunocephalus knerii No Image.png Moderate 13 cm 25 gal
Two-Rayed Banjo Catfish Amaralia hypsiura No Image.png Moderate 14 cm 25 gal
Whiptailed Banjo Catfish Platystacus cotylephorus No Image.png Moderate 13 in 45 gal