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Bagrid Catfish is the common name for the family of Bagridae. There are over 200 species within this family spreading across Africa and Asia.

Common Name Species Name Image Difficulty Maximum Size Tank Size
African Big Eye Catfish Chrysichthys longipinnis No Image.png Moderate 28 in 200 gal
African Bullhead Lophiobagrus cyclurus No Image.png Moderate 8 cm 25 gal
African Shovelnose Catfish Parauchenoglanis loennbergi No Image.png Moderate 10 in 45 gal
African Wood Catfish Amarginops ornatus No Image.png Moderate 26 cm 55 gal
Amur Catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco No Image.png Moderate 14 in 55 gal
Asian Bumblebee Catfish Leiocassis siamensis Pseudomystus Siamensis55689.jpg Moderate 5 in 20 gal
Asian Redtailed Catfish Hemibagrus wyckioides No Image.png Challenging 40 in 450 gal
Asian Upside Down Catfish Mystus leucophasis No Image.png Moderate 12 in 100 gal
Batasio Catfish Batasio batasio No Image.png Moderate 4 in 30 gal
Black Collared Catfish Horabagrus nigricollaris No Image.png Moderate 12 in 65 gal
Black Lancer Catfish Bagrichthys macracanthus No Image.png Moderate 9 in 45 gal
Chinese Longsnout Catfish Leiocassis longirostris Leiocassis longirostris8849.jpg Moderate 35 in 250 gal
Crystal Eyed Catfish Hemibagrus wyckii No Image.png Challenging 28 in 250 gal
Day's Mystus Mystus bleekeri No Image.png Moderate 6.2 in 45 gal
Deccan Rita Rita kuturnee No Image.png Moderate 10.4 in 65 gal
Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Anaspidoglanis macrostoma No Image.png Moderate 24 cm 55 gal
Dwarf Ornate Bagrid Hyalobagrus ornatus No Image.png Moderate 1 in 10 gal
False Black Lancer Bagrichthys macropterus No Image.png Moderate 12 55
False Bumblebee Catfish Pseudomystus stenomus No Image.png Moderate 12 cm 35 gal
Giraffe Catfish Auchenoglanis occidentalis Auchenoglanis occidentalis3453.jpg Challenging 70 cm 350 gal
Golden Catfish Mystus tengara Mystus tengara.jpg Moderate 3.1 in 25 gal
Gulio Catfish Mystus gulio No Image.png Moderate 16 in 60 gal
Indian Shovelnose Catfish Sperata aor No Image.png Moderate 72 in 1000 gal
Java Bagrid Hemibagrus planiceps Hemibagrus planiceps55678.jpg Moderate 33.5 cm 100 gal
Kampoyo Bagrus meridionalis No Image.png Challenging 150 cm 300 gal
King Bagrid Mystus bocourti No Image.png Moderate 24 cm 75 gal
Laos Tiger Catfish Batasio tigrinus No Image.png Moderate 3 in 25 gal
Mystic Bagrid Mystus mysticetus No Image.png Moderate 5.2 in 30 gal
Nemurus Catfish Hemibagrus nemurus No Image.png Moderate 26 in 450 gal
Porthole Bagrid Hemibagrus punctatus No Image.png Moderate 18 in 450 gal
Rhegma Bagrid Mystus rhegma No Image.png Moderate 4.8 in 20 gal
Shadow Catfish Hyalobagrus flavus No Image.png Moderate 2 in 15 gal
Silver Bagrid Mystus singaringan No Image.png Moderate 12 in 65 gal
Silver Lancer Bagrichthys hypselopterus No Image.png Challenging 40 cm 150 gal
Stellatus Catfish Nanobagrus stellatus No Image.png Moderate 1.5 in 15 gal
Sun Catfish Horabagrus brachysoma No Image.png Challenging 18 in 75 gal
Two Spot Catfish Mystus bimaculatus No Image.png Moderate 2.4 in 15 gal
Two-Spot Pink Bagrid Mystus nigriceps No Image.png Moderate 15 cm 75 gal
White-Whisker Lancer Bagrichthys majusculus No Image.png Moderate 6.4 in 25 gal
Yellow Giraffe Catfish Auchenoglanis biscutatus No Image.png Challenging 54 in 200 gal

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