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Aspredinidae, or Banjo Catfish are a family of catfish found in tropical waters of South America. There are over 30 species in this family and they belong to the order of Siluriformes. There are three sub-families which are Aspredininae, Bunocephalinae and Hoplomyzontinae.

 Common nameDifficultyMaximum SizeMinimum Tank Size
Amaralia hypsiuraTwo-Rayed Banjo CatfishModerate14 cm25 gal
Bunocephalichthys verrucosusCraggy-Headed Banjo Catfish
Bark Catfish
Craggy Banjo Catfish
Moderate4 in20 gal
Bunocephalus coracoideusBanjo Catfish
Bicolor Banjo Catfish
Moderate6 in15 gal
Bunocephalus kneriiKner's Banjo Catfish
Ecuador Banjo Catfish
Moderate13 cm25 gal
Platystacus cotylephorusWhiptailed Banjo Catfish
Banded Banjo Catfish
Mottled Eel-Tailed Banjo Catfish
Moderate13 in45 gal

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