Sixray Corydoras (Aspidoras pauciradiatus)

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Sixray Corydoras

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Sixray Corydoras

Aspidoras pauciradiatus





6.0 - 7.2

[[Minimum temperature::71 °TEMPLATE:UNITS-TEMP| ]] [[Maximum temperature::77 °TEMPLATE:UNITS-TEMP| ]]

3-12 °d

1:1 M:F

15-25 years


Additional names

Sixray Corydoras, False Corydoras



Mature females will be more full around the belly than more slender males.

Tank compatibility

This fish should be kept in groups of at least 5-6 of its own kind. Due to it's need with regard to currents and its size it's best kept with peaceful mid to top-dwelling fish including White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Zebra Danios.


Will be partial towards live/frozen foods such as daphnia and brine shrimp, may be weaned on to sinking omnivore pellets and wafers.

Feeding regime

Feed once or twice a day.

Environment Specifics

Requires a well filtered and oxygenated tank and prefers a reasonable current. Does best in mature tanks. Décor should be fine sand, not sharp as this could damage their barbels, with hiding places in bogwood and rounded river rocks.


A peaceful active bottom-dwelling fish that will behave much like Corydoras.


Can be mistaken for Corydoras, but has a different shaped skull. It is quite elongated, similar to pygmy Corys, with a creamy white base colour covered in darker speckles and spots.


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